CRL Express Ordering - C.R. Laurence (CRL)
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CRL Express Ordering - C.R. Laurence (CRL)

CRL Express Checkout
  • CRL Express Checkout can be enabled on your account when you edit your settings for each section listed in your CRL Express Checkout. Once complete simply click on the Turn Express Checkout On button. Now when you go to your shopping cart you will see the Express Checkout button visible. Your order will be automatically charged to the payment method on your Express Checkout account and shipped to the address indicated on your Express Checkout account--you skip the shopping cart checkout process! Click here to begin!

My CRL Orders
CRL Express Checkout Address and Payment Settings
CRL Express Checkout allows you to associate a payment method and a default Bill To and Ship To address so you can place orders with a single click of a button.

To Access Your CRL Express Checkout Settings:
  1. Click the Your Account link at the top of any page.
  2. Click the "CRL Express Checkout" link.
Once you have accessed your settings you can:
  • Turn Express Checkout on or off: Click the button in the top right hand corner of the page. When Express Checkout is on, you'll see the Express Checkout option when you go to your cart.
  • Edit the Shipping and Payment Methods: Click the Edit button next to any information you wish to update.
CRL Express Checkout Technical Troubleshooting
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